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Peer to Peer Networking

Connecting two computers directly and simultaneously be referred to as Peer to Peer network. Where one computer can send data to a computer two and vice versa. The need to build a network Peer to Peer began to increase.
This type of connection in building the network is divided into two, namely the Cross and the Straight. Cross used to connect two devices together directly. As for connecting two devices are not directly, using the connection type Straight. As an example we will connect computer A to computer B. If we connect it directly, must use this type of cross connection. However, if computer A and B are connected via an intermediary (HUB), type of connections should be straight.
Types of connections in the network
 To make this type of cross connection, the tools that need to be prepared are as follows:
RJ-45 connector
RJ-45 connector

UTP cable

Crimping pliers
Crimping pliers and RJ-45 connectors

Now let's start how to make these types of cross connections. The first thing to do is cut UTP cable. Keep in mind, that the cut is only skin wrapping it. So that the cables will look colorful, amounting to 8 pin. In order to produce the correct pieces, use crimping pliers.
How to cut UTP cable
Next, straighten all that amounted to eight-pin cable on top. Arrange as shown below. Left to RJ-45 connector of the first and right for the latter.
The first connector (left) and the second connector (right)
When the cables have been made correctly, then the eighth input cable to the RJ-45 connector. Insert the cable into the RJ-45 connectors and clips using crimping pliers. Do a back way over to the other connector. However, with a different arrangement of cables or connectors for both.
How to clamp the RJ-45
The initial step to make the connection type Cross has been completed up to here. Next up is configuring the computer A and computer B.

To be continued


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